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International Senj Summer Carnival

Certainly one of the most attractive Summer entertainment events on the Adriatic. 
Six days and nights of masquerades in the true sense of the word, they "rule" the city, justifying to the maximum each and every attribute of its name!! Since 1967, at the beginning of August the residents of Senj with their guests transform the city into the capital of the Summer masquerade on the eastern shore of the Adriatic.

  The most attractive day is Saturday when three thousand masqueraders in a great carnival procession on the streets of the city attract the attention of about 25,000 spectators.

Along with groups from Senj, Rijeka and its environs, Zagreb, Djakovo, Garešnica, Gradiška, Jastrebarsko, Sisak, etc. groups from abroad are also traditionally represented, including those from Italy (Fano), Slovenia (Ilirska Bistrica), Austria (Pandorf), Slovakia (Senec), the Czech Republic (Frydek Mystek), Poland (Wielun), Hungary (Kiseg) and Sweden (Samba-Stockholm). 

2017. year


359th Senj carnival - Senj 


44th Festival of musical gangs – Senj


10th Days of uskok – Senj


Samba festival "Samba mania"- Senj


46th International Senj summer carnival - Senj


Discover the Senj hinterland by bike


...that city of Senj is 3000 years old? 


Certainly one of the most attractive Summer entertainment events on the Adriatic.


Red Haired Zora and her gang lived in Senj !


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